Laghu Chikitsa


Shiroabhyanaga/Indian Head Massage - £20

A relaxing head massage using medicated oils with specalised ayurvedic techniques and strokes. Benefits - Stress, migraine, tension headaches, hair fall and for relaxation. This treatment lasts from 30 minutes/ 45 minutes.

Padhabhayanga/ Ayurvedic Foot Massage - £20

An Ayurveda foot massage where the marmas of the feet are massaged for relaxation, stimulating different nerves of the foot.Benefits - Improves blood circulation, relieves stress, soreness, reduces swelling and for relaxation. This treatment lasts up to 30 minutes.

Pristabhyanga /Back Massage - £20 /25

An Ayurveda back massage with Ayurveda oils which help in relieving localised pain and stiffness in the muscle. It lasts up to 30 /45minutes

Udara abhyanga /Abodaminal Massage- £20

An ayurvedic massage advised in problems with abdomen like IBS, Constipation, and Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. Circular clockwise strokes help in alleviating Vata in the abdomen thus by helping in pain relief and metabolism.

Garbhini Abhyanga/Pregnancy Massage - £35

A Traditional Massage which is advised for a pregnant women to help preparing the body through the natural process of going through child birth. It helps in relieving general aches and pains during pregnancy.

Pichu - £10

Ayurveda add on treatments in which a cotton soaked in medicinal oils is placed on a particular area of the body for a certain time period. It helps in stiffness, tired muscles and tense muscles.

Alepa - £10

Ayurveda Treatment where an herbal medicinal paste is applied on a particular part for a certain period of time. It is useful in relieving chronic pain.

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