Which is more Nutritious ? Fresh or Frozen Vegetables

After a long gap I have found very interesting topic to start writing my blog again. We are in era where we have shortcuts every step of our life to make it easier. One of such hacks when it comes to cooking would be using frozen vegetables. It is far more easier than fresh vegetables because they are available in all seasons. Also they come in cut form makes it easier to get on with cooking. I was often asked by many of my clients whether one should use fresh vegetables of frozen vegetables. So, I thought why not write a blog about it for more understanding.

Fresh vegetables

Let's start with fresh...Did you ever wonder how fresh are the vegetables that we buy from a supermarket?
The fresh vegetables we buy in a supermarket are imported from different parts of the world, so it means that they have to be packed before they reach their ripe stage or fully nutritious stage. Usually they are packed and sprayed with preservatives when they are ideally unripe to avoid them being spoiled when they reach the stage of being in a supermarket shelf.

what happens in the shelf?

So when they actually reach the shelf of supermarket it would have been already around more than 7 days after they have been packaged. It takes another 3-4 days before we actually cook them from our fridge.

How nutritious are they?

To preserve these vegetables preservatives are being used which can cause some of the vital nutrients to get destroyed. Also during the preserve in the supermarket they are exposed to heat and light which can cause degradation of some of the enzymes and vitamins. Having said that, fresh vegetables are nutritious if you buy from farmer's market or organic. Even the supermarket ones but keeping them too long in fridge before using them can make them less nutritious. Also over boiling in water at high temperatures can cause vegetables to lose some of the Vitamins and nutrients.

Frozen Vegetables

Well, often there is a misconception regarding frozen vegetables that these are unhealthy! contrary to this belief they are quite nutritious as fresh vegetables.

What's the catch here!

Only catch here is that before freezing the vegetables, they are subjected to a process called blanching which means vegetables are dipped in hot water for certain period of time which can degrade the water soluble vitamins like B and C.

How nutritious are they?

Frozen vegetables are highly nutritious like fresh vegetables. To be precise frozen vegetables are freezed when they are in nutritious stage it will retain all the essential nutrients and fat soluble vitamins. Also it is thought that frozen vegetables have more anti -oxidant properties when compared to fresh vegetables.

End of the day!

The gist here is that fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables both have their pros and cons. After all frozen vegetables are not that bad.

Choose Fresh when you are going for foods with Vitamin B and Vitamin C Ex: Cabbage, brussels sprouts, spinach, berries, citrus fruits and peppers.

Choose Frozen when you are buying off season veggies and fruits.

Well, this is it keep waiting for my next post for understanding "which is better boiling, frying or steaming a vegetables is nutritious?"


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