*Ms Y visited us with PCOS and difficulty getting regular periods and digestive problems. After starting treatment with us her condition improved a lot

" I am very glad that I visited Dr.Varalakshmi yanamandra. I highly recommend her as she will help to improve your health"
- Ms Y

Ayurveda for PCOS

PCOS is a common condition seen in women from 15 – 40 years of age. It is one of most common reasons for Infertility in women. It is characterised by Anovulation, hirsutism, hyperinsulinemia and cyst formation in ovaries. It is considered as one of the main reasons for couples choosing IVF as an option. The treatment includes correcting the hormonal imbalance in the body, regulating insulin levels in blood and ovulation.

According to Ayurveda PCOS can be described as caused by vitiation of mainly kapha dosha blocking Pitta and Vata causing imbalance in hormones resulting in irregular menstrual cycle there by leading to anovulation. Ayurveda has some of the promising treatments to work on PCOS. Ayurveda describes natural herbs which can restore menstruation and promote ovulation.


Treatment regimen includes Kapha allevation via food and exercise. Clearing obstruction of Vata and Pitta by herbs and treatments.

Mainly Kapha allevating diet and exercise are recommended. Sarvangasana, matsyasana, ardhamatyasana, pachhomottanasana are beneficial.

Drink a glass of warm water half an hour before lunch.

All Spices except salt are good for kapha.

Foods which are pungent, bitter and astringent will reduce kapha.

“Phala grita” an ayurvedic ghee for clearing hormonal imbalance is highly recommended.

Aloevera, satavari, cinnamon, aswaghanda, fennel, ashoka are phytosterols useful in regularising menstrual cycle.

“Vasti” and “Virechana” ayurvedic panchakarma treatments are very useful in this condition.

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