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Fresh or Frozen Vegetables, which is more nutritious?

After a long time I have decided to write down a post which has been a question in many of us who regularly use Frozen vegetables as quick and easy remedy for cooking food.
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Hair is made up of a protein called keratin present in outer layer of skin. It is believed that we tend to lose around 1 – 100 hair strands in a day and it is common. Hair loss can caused due to many reasons
Causes: Hair fall can be caused by any of the following reason

Hormone deficiency: Hair fall can occur if abnormal levels of androgens or male hormones are produced in body.

​Hair Treatments: Hair treatments like using braids, curling & ironing, dyeing & using hard combs: all these types of hair styling measures can cause breakage and damage of hair.

Stress & Illness: Stress and illness can cause hair loss temporarily.

Recent Childbirth: Women may loss hair temporarily after giving birth to a child.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy causes severe hair fall from all parts of our body including eyebrows, hands and legs

Some drugs: Drugs used in chemotherapy and heart diseases can cause hair loss temporarily hair grows back when these drugs are stopped. It is always better to prevent it before it’s too late! Following a healthy lifestyle is first and foremost principle to prevent hair fall.

Avoid using hair pulling bands or hair styles which may break or damage hair follicles. Drink plenty of water daily. Use lukewarm water for head wash. Take protein diet regularly.

Ayurveda Perspective

Hair is considered as the upadathuvu of asthi according to ayurveda. The ahara ras or nutrients which are responsible forming Asth/Bone are vital for hair formation. Hair loss is considered as vitiation of pitta dhatuvu. Eating heavy fried foods, spicy foods, exercising in hot weather and all the other factors which are responsible for pitta vitiation are also responsible for hair fall. Ayurveda line of management is to alleviate Pitta dosha and to nourish the bone tissue/Asthi Dhatuvu in the body.

Depending on the cause the herbs are to be chosen but in general pitta alleviating herbs are suggested
  • Amla

  • Neem

  • Bhringraj

  • Brahmi

  • Manjista

External application with Neelibringraj tailam, Maha bhringraja tailam is also reommended.

Some of the treatments recommended for hair fall are:

  • Shirodhara

  • Shiroabhyanaga

  • Shirovasti

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