Vitamin D is one of the 13 vitamins that our body needs to do its vital functions. It is a fat soluble vitamin which is produced by our skin when exposed to sunlight. It ia also called Sunlight Vitamin. Vitamin D is required for Bone and tooth formation. It is importan...

When you are suffering from Back pain, it is important to maintain a proper posture whether you are sitting or standing or bending and even when sleeping.As we have no control over our body while we sleep there is a great chance of straining your body. To avoid any suc...

Bad posture can have negative impacts on our back bone which are responsible for causing many problems in the back.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common condition affecting every 9 in 10 people and every 5 out of 10 working people suffers from back pain at least once in life time . Back pain can be from neck , thoracic and lower back but mainly lower back is the most affect...

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