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  • Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra


Breakfast is considered as most important meal of the day! Often, it is lot of juggling in the mornings and it takes effort to make breakfasts exciting and yummy. So, today I would like to share a recipe I have come up with the help of plant protein from "THAT PROTEIN'S" Peanut Butter powder. This is very simple recipe with all the goodness of dates, banana and nuts.



2. DATES - 8

3. BANANA - 2

4. ALMONDS - 6

5. FRESH MILK - 250 ML

6. RAISINS - 10


PROCEDURE - Add Banana and all the nuts to the blender along with milk and protein powder and grind them till you get a good texture. I have added milk slowly till I achieve right consistency. Protein powder is again according to taste you can add more if you like peanut butter flavor. I am sharing some pics for your reference. It turned out to be delicious and yummy.

In the end I have added some almond flakes and chia seeds to create nice texture.

Here is the link for buying this amazing super protein

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