Weight loss: My take on Intermittent Fasting!

February 18, 2018

As you might have observed by now, I like to know any new trends about health. As you might have noticed in my recent blogs. I am doing research on different diets including keto , Intermittent Fasting and Paleo.

P.S.I follow ayurveda diet to the core and I eat according to my doshas and imbalances. Recently, I started feeling lethargic, tired, strange taste in my mouth and last but not least sugar cravings. So, its kind of important that I do something about these symptoms.

Then, I come to know about Intermittent fasting through my research. I loved the concept because it is similar to a concept called "LANGHANA" which means fasting according to Ayurveda.


I really wanted to give it a shot. When I decided to go for Intermittent Fasting IF, I prepared myself mentally and checked my weight before starting and I started it on a Monday. I started doing 3 days a week 16 hour fast which means after the dinner last night till 1pm next day. 4 days I ate normally whatever I wanted to eat. 

First Week 

Well, as they say first week is difficult in general. I felt like days are long and I am irritable and quite exhausted during the fasting days. Eating too much during the non-fasting periods and feeling more hungry than ever during the non-fasting days. It made me realize how difficult staying hungry! It ain't gonna be easy but you still gotta do it! I completed my first week and I started to feel like I got the hang of the situation. 


No sugar cravings - Whoopee after the first week, I am no longer having any sugar cravings. In fact I feel less interested in eating any high sugar foods. 


More Focused - I can't believe myself, I thought when you don't eat you will feel less focused due to less energy. Guess what I am more focused on my goals on the days I am doing intermittent fasting. 


Exercise - I even managed to hit the gym for at least 3 days a week. I did not feel tired or exhausted, I was perfectly fine doing my routine exercises which I am used to do. 


Guess what after 2 weeks, I lost 2 kg of weight, more relaxed and focused. All my other lethargic symptoms are gone. I am back to being more in the present. I am still continuing after 4 weeks. When I am eating I tend to follow my doshic diet with out any fail! 


Well, guys I hope this is helpful to you, are you looking to start weight loss? I have compiled a special guide with all helpful tips on Intermittent fasting. It is free guide for starting intermittent fasting! follow the link to download the free E book. I wish you all happy fasting! 

Beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting! 



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