Ayurveda Therapies

Nurture, Nourish and Rejuvenate

Abhyanga/Full body ayurveda massage
Khizi/Hot Herbal Bolus Therapy
Udvaratana/Wesightloss Massage

Pressure point massage 

Marma Massage 

Marmas are special points on the body where according to Ayurveda vein, artery and nerve cross each other. These points are described as vital energy points in the body. These points are used as survival methods in olden days during a war to kill the opponent. A therapist requires a lot of skill and knowledge to deliver this massage.

Rejunevation Packages

Revive,Massage and repeat


A Holistic Way of Life

Ayur Wellness and Pain Centre is founded on the principle of holistic healing through a variety of treatments and services. We offer our patients a variety of treatments that are intended to improve their way of living and make their lives calemer and healthier. Get in touch today and find the right treatment for you.

Our alternative treatments will unlock your body’s healing potential.

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