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Your skin is the most important organ of our body which protects us from all elements. Skin is also biggest organ which acts like a sponge that absorbs everything you put on it. That is why, at our Ayur Wellness we take pride in using natural organic ingredients to deliver all our therapies. We provide personalised skin facials that aid in your overall well-being of your skin and bring the much needed glow it needs. 

Ayurvedic Facials

As per Ayurveda, your skin is divided into three different types based upon your personal Mindbody qualities. They are called Vata skin, Pitta Skin & Kapha Skin. 


Revive/Vata Skin care facial - 50£

Refresh/Pitta Facial -50£

Detox/Kapha Facial - 50£

Book 4 sessions for 170

Book 4 sessions for 170

Book 4 sessions for 170

Vata skin is usually dry, prone to wrinkles and lines and sensitive to any chemicals or creams.

If you have this type of skin our Vata skin facial is best one for you. 

Vata skin needs nourishment, we use warming facial oils like kukumadhi thailam made with saffron to nourish and moisturize. We use face wash and scrub that can be soothing like honey,cucumber to cleanse and exfoliate. A gentle face steam and ending with pink clay face mask. 

Pitta skin is soft & warm, reddish pink and sensitive to heat, & prone to painful acne, bumps. 

Pitta skin needs cooling oils and soothing herbs to calm down the internal heat. A cucumber face cleaner and neem scrub are used to cleanse & exfoliate.

Followed by a gentle soothing face massage with rose essential oil. A gentle steam and will end with face pack made of rose or sandalwood paste

Kapha skin can be oily, soft, prone to big pimples due to excess oil, & with noticeable puffiness. 

Kapha skin needs cleansing & detoxifying oils & herbs to rejuvenate. A thorough cleanse & scrub with neem and honey is the first step. Followed by face massage with triphala+pink salt ending with face steam & face pack with Turmeric & tea tree oil paste

kansa wand .jpeg
Kansa Wand Facial - 60£ 

Get 4 sessions for £200

A kansa wand is a rejuvenating facial tool that is made with pure bronze. Traditionally copper vessels are used for drinking water due to their enhanced health benefits.

Bronze is combination of copper and tin. Kansa wand for massage aids in improving PH of your skin.


Benefits of Kansa wand - It detoxifies skin impurities and tones your jaw line. It removes excess fluid and reduces puffiness of the face. It improves circulation and aids in good healthy skin. Regular usage of Kansa wand can aid in reducing wrinkles and lines

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