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Beauty Therapies

Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skin care

Everything you need to be doing about your skin care, you can find here. All the products we use in our face treatments are natural and mostly organic. We only use trusted brands which adhere to our values and ethos. We carefully select each and every product especially for each and every treatment. 

Soundarya/Bride to be package - £350


Ayurveda has some of the best and powerful beauty solutions once can obtain. Ayurveda has given great extent of detail in explaining skin care rituals.  a great detail in  some of the best beauty recipes with even simplest things we find in a kitchen. We took some of them and made a beauty package which is perfect for the bride to be!

Our focus is mainly to make you look prepared and look beautiful for your big day. It includes 3 sessions of Udvartana/ Toning or slimming massage, 1 shirodhara, 3 Detox Facials and 25 % off on all our treatments for 1 week.




                                Regular Skin Care

According to Ayurveda your skin can be of 3 types based on dosha dominance i.e VATA, PITTA and KAPHA types


                          Vata Skin Type

If you are a vata skin type then your skin will be dry, less or no moisture. Vata skin is prone to wrinkles, lines and ageing signs. We developed a facial exclusive to deal with the skin problems for vata skin. If you face any of the above said problems try our signature Anti-ageing facial



         Anti-Ageing Facial/Vata Skin Facial- £50

An Ayurvedic Facial with ayurvedic herbs specially selected for treating ageing problems that skin suffers through the years. It helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face and neck. With specially prepared oils and herbs which target the ageing skin problems our facial helps for you to maintain healthy skin and brings back young look on your face.



                       Pitta Skin Type

If you are a Pitta(i.e Fire and Water) skin type you will have Fair complexion, soft, medium oily skin, sensitive to heat and sun. You suffer from skin problems like freckles, moles, acne, rashes, and rosecea. Our pitta facial/Anti acne facial is specifically targeted to these skin conditions. Try our Pitta Facial today if you have any above skin problems.



                         Refresh/Pitta Facial - £40

Anti acne/Pitta Facial helps in getting rid of acne, scars, blemishes and post pimple marks. This Facial is done using pitta pacifying herbs and oils which help in alleviating excess pitta from your skin.



                        Kapha Skin Type

If you are a Kapha (i.eWater and Earth) skin type you will have oily skin, dull complexion and will be able to tolerate heat. You suffer from skin problems like dull spots, enlarged pores, black heads, pimples and in some conditions oozing type of eczema. On bright side they don't suffer from any ageing problems unlike Vata skin type.


                      Re-vitalise/Kapha Facial - £40

An Ayurvedic facial with oils and herbs which help in toning and exfoliation of your skin. It gives a refresh look to your skin and helps in alleviating kapha. It helps to get rid of excess oil from skin there by helping in clearing your skin from black heads and pimples.



                   Rejunevating /Detox Facial - £50

An Ayurvedic facial with ayurvedic herbs and oils useful in detoxification and renewal. It helps in removal of dead cells from your skin and helps in cell repair and growth of mew cells. 

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