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Congratulations!Your Mind Body type has been determined as PITTA! 


  • While, this is the first step in understanding your health in a bigger perspective. Ayurveda recommends individual or customized diet & lifestyle for each Dosha type. 

  • Even though, your dominant dosha type is Pitta! Ayurveda says that a person might have subtle nature of other doshas as well. That's why, it is important to understand each & every character & analyse accordingly! 

  • To understand unique combination, it is not practically accurate with one quiz for everyone. That is why we created a dosha master class. 

  • This masterclass can help clarify all your doubts you have regarding your mind body type. 

  • It covers all the different combination dosha types, how to identify your ideal diet & how to practically work it out.  

  • We will send you all relevant information regarding the class once you register here!

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