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Ayurveda is a Holistic system of medicine with 6000 years of history. It is one of the oldest system of medicine which emphasizes on the importance of eating and living holistically with the nature. Ayurveda's core concept about Health comes from Theory of 5 Basic elements which says that every living being in this universe is part and parcel of these elements. 

When these 5 Elements combine with chetana or atma they give rise to 3 Basic Humors I.e. VATA,PITTA & KAPHA respectively which are considered essential for optimal functioning of our body. It is said that these Tridoshas are formed during the conception of a child and they determine the physical,physiological and mental attributes of a person. The 3 doshas are present in each and every person but their combination may be varied and depending upon their combination and ratio in which they exist the characteristics of a person will be. This ratio of 3 doshas is unique for that person and will stay till he/she dies but this PRAKRUTHI can be altered by external factors like weather, diet we consume and lifestyle we lead and can lead to an imbalanced or altered state which believed to be the reason behind state of disease or illness. 


What is MINDBODY TYPE ? How does it help to know your Mindbody type

Mindbody type is nothing but the balanced state that is formed during your birth. Understanding your Prakruthi can help you in knowing what kind of food you need to eat and what emotions are excess and how you can avoid certain emotions. 

1. VATA Mindbody type - Learn more about a Vata person here 
2. PITTA Mindbody type - Learn more about PITTA person here 
3. KAPHA Mindbody type - Learn more about Kapha Person here 
4. VATAPITTA Mindbody type - Learn more about VATAPITTA person here 
5. PITTAKAPHA Mindbody type - Learn more about PITTAKAPHA person here 
6. VATAKAPHA Mindbody type - Learn more about VATAKAPHA person here 
7. VATAPITTAKAPHA Mindbody type - Learn more about VATAPITTAKAPHA person here 

These are generally 7 types of Doshic/Prakruthi combination that we see in a person. Each type of Mind body type individual here has different type of physical and physiological attributes. They show different interests in life and are attracted to different types of food and lifestyle choices. They even have different emotions that make them unique and individual. 


Art of Cure

                                " When diet is wrong medicine is of no use" 


The art of cure in Ayurveda is to restore harmony in a person's Mindbody by following certain dietary changes and lifestyle choices with aid of herbs. Ayurveda's uniqueness is that it focuses on preventive aspect of health and tries to educate a person eat according to his mindbody type along with amazing therapies to cure and curb a disease in it's roots! 

Understanding your unique Mindbody type is always first step in achieving optimal health and well-being. Second step is to adapt your diet & lifestyle according to your Mindbody type keeping in mind the external environmental changes.  

Yoga at Home

                Why choose Ayurveda ?? Is it right  for me ? 

With so much overwhelming amount of diets available now a days choosing a particular diet can be challenging. With ayurveda you are not choosing a diet but you are eating what is right for your Body and Mind naturally. As a result it doesn't matter, whatever the diet you choose it will work better as it is in harmony with your body's true nature. 

so, Ayurveda is for you if any of the below statements resonate with you

1. I struggle with losing weight no matter what kind of exercise or diet I do 

2. I suffer from bad food cravings & I tend to either overeat or under eat

3. My appetite is all over the place & I rarely eat on time

4.I frequently suffer from different seasonal allergies & my immunity isn't the best. 

5.I can't remember the time I felt like healthy last time.

6. My hormones are all out of balance & my periods are irregular. 

7. I am anxious all the time & can't sleep at night. 

8. My hair is thinning out & I don't want feel good in my own skin. 

9. I am always on the look out for ways to healing my body & mind. 

10. I am willing to commit to my health & follow a system that could heal my body & mind. 

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