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  • Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra

5 Self-care routines for healthy and beautiful skin

Skin is one of the largest organ in our entire body. They say beautiful skin requires exceptional care. Healthy looking skin is symbol of healthy body. Small routines that you follow everyday can make big difference.

1. Drink sufficient water as moisture is vital for maintaining glow and natural refreshing effect on your skin.

2. Regular application of moisture protects the outer layer of your skin. It helps shield the moisture and gives ur skin perfect tone.

3. Oil is the best nourishment to skin according to ayurveda. Jojoba oil is one of the best oils for skin restoration and rejunevation. Regular application will lead to long lasting younger looking skin.

4. Make sure you get sufficient amount of Vitamins like A, C, D, E and K are vital for skin health. Vitamin A is essential for epithelial cell health and in general skin health. Vitamin C is essential for collagen formation and also it's anti-oxidant nature can prevent ageing signs. Vitamin D is essential for formation of all cells including skin cells.

Vitamin E has anti-oxidant action which protects skin against uv rays damage from sun. Vitamin K is essential for blood coagulation, help repair wounds and in healing. There by it can repair any skin damage.

5. At least twice a week eat fruits like blueberries and blackberries are rich in anti-oxidants which can protect your skin from the ageing signs.

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