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  • Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra

Is your Back Muscle causing your Back Pain?

Quadratus Lumborum/ back muscle is one of the deepest abdominal muscle. It connects pelvis to spine . It helps in lateral flexion and extension of lumbar vertebral column.

Quadratus lumborum pain is one of the primary source for lower back pain. It can be irritated by day to day activities like sitting and standing. Commonly seen in professionals who has to spend longer hours sitting on a chair. Over use of the muscle can cause weakness which might lead to back pain.


1. Symptoms of quadratus lumborum pain include tightness and discomfort in the lower back region. The type and severity of the pain may vary. 2. It is often described as a deep aching pain, but it may also be felt as sharp and acute, depending on the cause. 3. Even though, discomfort occurs at rest it aggravates with rolling or lying on the bed and while sneezing or coughing sharp pain can be felt. 4. It might interfere with day to day activities like walking, sitting and standing.


❌Over use / prolonged sitting hours ❌Poor posture ❌ Weak Muscles due to lack of exercise Therapies

  1. Massage

  2. Warm showers

  3. Accupuncture

  4. Rest

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