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  • Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra

Why Ayurveda is the best solution for all your health goals in 2018!

From weight loss to detox new year is a popular time to start on new health goals. No other time is better than new year to understand your body. To analyse the concept of health as a whole. Today I would like to go through ayurveda's concept with you! Ayurveda - ayu + veda means life + science As the name itself suggests it is the science whose sole purpose is to educate us about life. Ayurveda teaches healthy living through daily regimen and seasonal regimen.

Everyone is unique!

Even though, we all have same number of chromosomes genetic code is different for each one of us. Ayurveda core concept of tridoshas is similar to this concept that each and every person has 3 doshas but the ratio in which they exist is unique for each person. This ratio is decided at the conception and is a prime factor in contributing to physical, pychological, physiological aspects of a person. After birth they are still responsible for a person's physical and mental health. They are functional aspects which are impacted by external and internal factors like food, environment, stress, lifestyle and other bodily tissues and malas.

Ex: Vata person - This is one friend who never gains weight even though they eat more than you. One sibling who worries too much, scared all the time

Pitta person - That boss who has got temper and is determined. Often hungry and can get irritated if not eaten anything!

Kapha Person - That friend who is always calm and collective. Never sweats even in horrible situations. Always got his cool and can be very lazy! "Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be They Food" As the great scholar Hippocrates once said ayurveda explains that food plays a major role in pathogenesis of a disease. Diet and lifestyle are responsible for most of diseases according to ayurveda. We are nature and nature is we! The core theory of ayurveda is based on the fact that 5 elements of nature combine with prakruti to form 3 doshas which form the basic functional aspects of ayurveda. While there are 7 dhatuvus or tissues and 3 malas or excretas which also play a vital role in health. Tridoshas are compared to 3 stambas of health. Balance is health imbalance is disease! Ayurveda says that balance of tridoshas is health and imbalance can cause disease. What a simple and effective way to say something so complicated as disease and health. Ayurveda's definition of health sums it all what you call healthy! Here is the definition for u

"Health is a state of an individual when 3 doshas or humors ,7 dhatuvus or bodily tissues and 3 malas or excretas and Agni/digestive fire is in balance.Also mind and sense organs are in optimum efficacy" knowing our body is first step in achieving health. The more understanding we have about something the better we are at maintaining it!

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