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  • Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra

Sciatica DO'S

Often, knowing what to do when you are having a pain makes a lot of difference in recovery. I see lot of clients in my practice who suffer with back pain often ask me what can they do at home to help soothe their pain.

Sciatica DO'S

So, today I want to discuss about the few pain relief techniques that I recommend for a person suffering from Sciatic Pain.


First and foremost that I recommend would be to try and have a warm bath. This is especially useful if you are having trouble walking and numbness in the leg. Epsom salts and essentials oils(thyme,lavender) are quite useful.


Secondly using a hot water bottle or even a warm compress on the local area would be soothing.

Our body needs rest to repair itself to work on the healing process. So, take it easy with your day to day activities.


Stretching helps to relax the muscle in that area and also aids in improving range of movement. check out the importance of posture here


Last but not least massage is one of the best things that you could try when you are in pain. Massaging the area with essential oils/ ayurveda oils will be relaxing.

CAUTION- It is considered an emergency if you loose bladder control or experiencing bilateral numbness, lost complete sense of both legs. Contact emergency services immediately!

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