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  • Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra

Healthy Foods for Back Pain!

According to Ayurveda food and lifestyle are 2 key factors that can affect our health. Today's post is about the healthy foods that can help in healing your body.

Diet plays a vital role in the process of healing or recovery. Our body needs essential nutrients like vitamins and anti-oxidants to fight against inflammation.

Tomatoes - Tomatoes posses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties due to the presence of Lycopene, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Tomato contains high amount of Lycopene when it is fully ripe. Vitamin C helps in general cell repair and Vitamin K is vital for bone health.

Salmon - Salmon is an excellent fatty fish with many health benefits. Salmon is good source of Omega 3 fatty acids or long chain fatty acids and Selenium which are anti inflammatory in nature. Salmon is also good source of protein, Protein is one of the building blocks of our body. It helps to heal after a injury, helps in reducing loss of muscle mass.

Broccoli - Broccoli has anti inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties due to the presence of protein and Vitamin K.

Green Peppers - Bell peppers contain Vitamin E along with Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Vitamin E posess anti- oxidant properties and also important for maintaining Nerves and Muscles. Bell peppers are also excellent source of plant caretonoids which possess anti-oxidant properties.

Beetroot - They contain rich fibre and Vitamin C with anti-oxidant properties

Caution- These foods are considered good in general due to their anti inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. But, if you suffer from life long condition or on medication. Check with your doctor first!

useful in conditions where there is associated neuralgia symptoms. It is also know to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties

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