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  • Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra

How bad posture can impact your back?

For our back bone to perform all these functions optimally it is important to maintain correct posture. Years of bad posture can lead to our back losing the natural curvature which can cause several problems in the back. Most of the times the day to day activities that we do naturally involve these simple mistakes which have bad impact on our spine. As our body got used to bad posture, it can take time to adjust but over the long run maintaining a good posture has many good benefits like prevention of sprains, strains and possible injury of your back.

Sitting on a chair

Problem – While sitting on a chair would be slouching, forward neck, texting neck, and not keeping feet flat on the floor. Slouching means sitting or drooping in a lazy way.

Solution - Chair should be at a height which allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor. If your feet can’t reach the floor than use a foot stool. Your screen should be at eye level and your keyboard at minimum arm’s length. Keep your mobile at your eye level and sit straight while texting!

Standing or walking

Problem – While standing lumbar lardosis (sticking your buttocks out), Postural Kyphosis (having hunched upper back) and flat back. Lumbar lordosis is a common postural defect which we see in case of pregnancy, people who have lost curvature of their spine and heavy abdominal weight can cause this problem. Hunched back means raised shoulders and bending back.

Solution – Stand straight, your ears should be at 90 degrees angle your shoulders, shoulders over hips and hips over knees and knees over ankles. All these are in align with each other that’s when you know you are standing straight.

Bending/ Lifting a Heavy Weight

Problem – Normal mistake everyone makes while bending would be to bend on their back and lift heavy weight.

Solution- Imagine the heavy lifters who lift heavy weights! The correct way to lift heavy weights is to first widen your feet apart, bend your knees (like you are squatting) and keep your back straight. As you lift the object push with your hips and bring in your stomach muscles. Same goes for bending down to reach an object.

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