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  • Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra

Migraine, triggers & its management!

Migraine is severe throbbing headache which affects one side of the head that can last for several hours to even days.

It is usually accompanied by sensitivity towards light or sound, nausea and even vomiting in severe cases.

Common Triggers for Migraine include

➡️Hormonal Changes - In women hormonal changes can trigger a migraine headache before or after a period. ➡️Physical Exertion and stress - Over exertion due to physical exercise is also linked to migraine. Stress and over thinking can lead to an episode.

➡️Foods & Additives - Certain foods which are too salty or old foods can trigger a migraine. Certain sweetners and Additives are also known to trigger a migraine

➡️Sensory Stimuli - Certain types of lights especially bright white lights and loud music can also lead to a migraine

➡️Drinks - Drinks like coffee and wine are also considered as triggers for Migraine

➡️Medication - Certain Medication like oral contraceptive pills are believed to cause a migraine headache.

Triggers for Migraine


1.TAKING REST - Sleeping in a dark room is supposed to be helpful

2.MAINTAIN A DAIRY - Maintaining a dairy and understanding possible triggers can help to avoid future episodes

3.MASSAGE AND NECK MANIPULATION- Neck stiffness is one of the associated symptom and often having a head and shoulder massage along with neck manipulation can help relieve the pain

4. NASYA KARMA - Nasya is an ayurveda therapy where medicated oil is administered in to the nostrils after activating marma points on face, head & neck. This therapy helps in alleviating migraine & any associated stress.

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