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  • Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra

5 Ultimate Bed time routines for a good night sleep

Certain seasons and changes in our life style can sometimes impact our sleep routine. While these changes are temporary and it doesn't mean anything but some people despite of having busy physical day still struggle to fall asleep at night. Our body is a natural biological computer and it needs a regular rest to work efficiently. 21st century comes with so many advancements in technology and science. It also comes with stress in every corner of the life. Having said that, there are certain routines that can definitely help one to fell asleep naturally. 1. Early dinner means early sleep Ayurveda recommends that one should eat atleast 3 hours before you sleep. It does make sense as at night time we tend to not do any physical activity it is important that we eat early so that the food gets properly digested and doesn't disturb our sleep cycle. 2. No No to all electronics We live in a digital era where everything and anything is digital.From news to work to business each and every thing is connected to internet. It would be impossible surviving with out internet and all other technology. It has been the most popular cause for stress in this century.Unlike the traditional bed time routines like reading a book which tend to be destressing these activities are brain stimulating If you want to sleep you shouldn't do any brain stimulating activities before going to bed. So, switch off internet atleast 2 hours before going to bed. 3. Drink warm glass of milk Milk is considered as most enlivening and invigourating substance according to ayurveda. It also says that buffalo milk induces sleep. One who suffers from sleeplessness should drink warm milk before going to bed.

4. Say yes to warm bath

Do you know why they give a warm bath to small babies for the same reason it induces sleep and reduces physical stress. When the physical body is relxed there is much chance for your mental body to relax as well.

5. Leave all stress behind the bedroom

Sleep is most de-stressing to our body. Our brain needs time to reboot after all. Try not to bring any work or stress related business in to your bedroom.Bedroom should be cozy and welcoming; a place where u feel most relaxed. Keep it neat and tidy , use dark shades and use wall colours which are not too bright. Keeping lavender bags under your pillows can definitely help reduce anxiety and at the same time lavender is soothing to brain.

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