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How to Maintain a Healthy Colon?

Colon or large intestine is part of digestive system which is around 6 feet long. It is primarily storage system for fecal matter. Very little digestion and absorption happens in colon. It contains aroung 5 billion becateria which aid in digestion.It takes atleast 48 hours for the food to process through the entire colon. By the time, food reaches colon, almost all nutrients absorbed from it except for some vitamins, water. Some part of fibre is digested by bacteria in colon. Ayurveda describes colon as seat for Vata.

Colon Health

Research shows that colon cancer as 3rd most common cancer among cancers in US. Cancer isn't necessarily related to any health habits. Other common colon problems include constipation, IBS, Bloating, Food Allergies and Gas.

1. Drink Enough Water

First and foremost rule when it comes to healthy colon is that drinking sufficient water. You see water is required for digesting our food. Colon requires water to eliminate and to form proper stool consistency. It is believed that atleast 2.5 litres of water is required for a healthy individual for optimal health.

2. Eat enough Fibre Fibre is an essential element which aids in digestion and for better consistency of stool. An average adult male below 50 yrs need around 38 gms and female below 50 require around 25 gms and Male above 50 require around 30 gms and female above 21 gms. Fibre rich diet - Green peas, Artichokes , Black Beans, Avacado, Blue berries, Black Berries, Brussels sprouts and Brocolli

3. Never hold your urge Whether it may sound crude but holding back our urges is really a bad thing. Ayurveda while explaining about the importance of natural urges, also explains that it can lead to several health problems on the long run. Try eating high fat meat and curries before journey.

4. Colon Cleanse This is one of the most eaisest procedures which can help improve your colon health. Colon hydrotherapy is where water is used as medium to cleanse your colon. Triphala an ayurveda herb is described as best colon rejunevating herb mix. While it is not recommended to use with out a proper diagnosis. Triphala is scientifically proven herb to enhance colon health. Contact an ayurveda practitioner for proper prescription. 5. Exercise is a must Exercise can help improve metabolism and deigestion in general. It can also check and regulate colon health. People who exercise atleast 2 times a week are found to be having regular bowel movements and a better metabolism. Also Read about A to Z about bloating

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